3 Things to Do with Your Dog This Spring

Excited to say goodbye to the cold winter and hello to spring flowers and sunshine? Winter weather often restricts the activities we can do with our pups, but spring means we can get back outdoors for some quality bonding time with Fido. Check out our top three things to do with your dog this spring below:

1. Head to the Beach or Lake

Like humans, most dogs love water and simply cannot get enough of the beach and lake. Now that temperatures are on the rise across the United States, get an early start on a beach trip or take your pup to the nearest community lake. Even if the water is too cold, you and your pup can still enjoy plenty of bonding time and nature!

2. Try a New Hiking Trail

Ah, the fresh outdoors. Spring is the perfect time to try that new hiking trail you’ve always heard about. If your pup is familiar with off-leash training, let him dart through the trails and explore with freedom. However, always remember your special command word for letting your dog know it’s time to return to your side.