Acworth GA Pet Waste Removal

Most dog owners don’t realize just how much dog poop accumulates without proper Acworth GA pet waste removal.

Imagine this; one dog often poops at least twice a day. In a matter of just one week, that’s 14 doggy “landmines” left behind by your fur pal. That’s all the more reason why you should have a professional Acworth GA pet pooper scooper in your corner.

Benefits of pet waste removal in Acworth GA

You do the math. If you have multiple dogs, and each one leaves 14 piles behind, that equals out to be a ton of dog poop piling up. The benefits of having regular visits from a qualified pooper scooper in Acworth GA include:

  • A yard you can be proud of. With such a large amount of dog poo piling up on your lawn, it is impossible for your yard to remain fresh and green. The bacteria in the poop, alone, will kill the grass and render your soil useless.
  • Healthy pets. With it being such a health hazard, any contact with dog poop could be harmful to you and your pets. Especially when the many diseases dogs contract can be passed to humans. Our Acworth GA pet waste removal can ensure this isn’t a concern for your pets.
  • Happy neighbors. There’s no way to avoid this bitter truth; dog poop stinks. If you’re the neighbor that doesn’t have an Acworth GA pet pooper scooper, the smell will soon have your neighbors annoyed. Let fight the stinky battle for you.

has the skill and equipment to transform your lawn from a stinky mosh pit to a luscious, green oasis with our Acworth GA pet waste removal. Call us today to schedule your first visit or submit a quote request through our online form. No matter how you contact us, you’ll be glad you did!