Acworth Pooper Scooper Services

Poop Troop’s Acworth pooper scooper services handle any job, big or small. Regardless of how big your property is, or how many dogs you have, has a plan for you.

For a reliable residential or commercial Acworth pooper scooper company, call to schedule your next cleaning — we can get you started almost immediately.

Residential properties

Whether you have a single family living at your house or run a dog-friendly apartment complex, you need quality pooper scooper services in Acworth GA. specializes in removing those unsightly landmines professionally and effectively.

It also doesn’t matter how may dogs you have — is still the go-to pooper scooper company in Acworth GA. We allow our clients to schedule their Acworth pooper scooper services up to three times each week, allowing us to customize a plan to fit your scooping needs. We believe that every dog owner should have access to a clean, poop-free yard. 

Commercial properties

Many businesses are picking up on the trend of allowing pets on their properties. If your business or complex allows pets, you need an Acworth pooper scooper company you can trust. From corporate events to dog parks and hotels, can handle any of your poop scooping needs.

We offer one-time cleaning visits!

Do you have a family gathering or big party to prepare for? Give a call. The last thing you want is for your guests to worry about stepping over “doggy landmines.” Instead of watching where they step, let the event goers enjoy their time by having prepare your yard beforehand.

Dealing with your dog’s dirty business is rough, but somebody has to do it. That’s why started offering Acworth pooper scooper services. To schedule your first scooping, call our office today. Our staff can answer any questions you have and get a scooper to your home, often within 24 hours.