Atlanta Dog Poop Scooping Service

Scoop Soldiers provides an Atlanta dog poop scooping service that can come to your home or commercial property as often, or as seldom, as you need us to.

We understand that our clients greatly range in regard to their needs. One client that utilizes our poop scooping in Atlanta GA might own just one small dog while another might have a whole backyard full of them. Our dog poop scooping service in Atlanta can cater to both of them thanks to our flexible scheduling options.

  • For those that see a lot of pet activity on their properties, we have frequent visits from our poop scoopers. You can bring our Atlanta scooping service to your home as often as three times a week. We also have twice weekly and weekly services.
  • If the poop doesn’t really accumulate on your property too quickly, then you can probably get away with our bi-weekly service. Better yet, if you are simply trying to get your property ready for a special event and don’t want stray mounds of dog poop laying around, then you can utilize our one-time cleaning service.

Regardless of how often we visit your home or property, we deliver the same great results each time. Our Atlanta dog poop scooping service staff will walk your entire property, find and remove the waste, bag it up and haul it away.

If there is a lingering smell, we can take care of that with our deodorizing techniques. Your property will look completely clean and sanitary.


Schedule poop scooping in Atlanta GA

would be happy to talk to you more about our service options or even provide you with a custom quote for your unique situation. Experience the convenience and great results you can get with our Atlanta dog poop scooping service.