Atlanta GA Dog Poop Waste Removal

Professional Atlanta GA dog poop removal services will effectively keep a lot of nasty things off of your property, making sure that it remains clean and sanitary.

Dog poop is gross on its own, but letting it sit around on your lawn or commercial property is a recipe for disaster. Luckily, provides highly affordable and convenient poop removal services in Atlanta to do it for you.

With the help of our dog poop removal services in Atlanta GA, you can make sure that some of the following don’t become an issue on your property.

  • Germs, bacteria and disease: Dog poop is loaded with all of this — if your family or pets come into contact with dog waste, it could put their health in jeopardy. Our Atlanta dog poop services are designed to protect your household.
  • Pests: Of course, flies and mosquitos will flock to dog poop, but did you know that critters like mice and rats are attracted to the undigested protein in the waste? Your dog’s waste can serve as bait for many different pests. With our Atlanta GA dog poop removal services, you can keep them at bay.
  • Dead patches of grass and bald spots: Dog poop does not act like manure-based fertilizer. In fact, dog poop has chemicals and bacteria in it that does just the opposite — it kills your grass. Your yard can look patchy and lackluster when you don’t pick up after your pet quickly enough.


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None of these annoying issues will crop up when you lean on for your Atlanta GA dog poop removal services. Get a quote for ongoing service with our team and get ready to embrace a clean, sanitary lawn or property.