Atlanta GA Pooper Scooper Service Company

Scoop Soldiers provides a cost-efficient, convenient Atlanta GA pooper scooper service that promises to make your life as a pet owner a lot easier. We invite you to explore our cost structure to see how, for just mere dollars per day, you can have professionals taking care of this dirty work for you.


Schedule Atlanta pet waste clean up

With , you can schedule regularly occurring visits from our team of dedicated scoopers. We can come to your home or commercial property as often as three times in a single week. This is ideal for clients that see heavy traffic from dogs on a daily basis, including vet clinics, dog parks, dog boarders and more.

However, we have a pooper scooper service in Atlanta GA for just about any need. The typical residential client relies on our team for weekly visits. This allows our staff to keep up on your dog’s output of waste. Our Atlanta pet waste company also offers one-time cleanings, as well.


What to expect from your scooper’s visit

Each time an Atlanta GA pooper scooper service member comes to your home, they will follow our tried-and-true method of scrubbing your property clean of offending piles of dog poop. This includes:

  • Carefully walking every square foot of your yard
  • Inspecting flowerbeds and other areas where poop can hide
  • Remove each mound of waste
  • Bag the waste up and load it on to our trucks
  • Haul it away and dispose of it offsite (no extra charge!)

The dog poop will be out of sight and out of mind thanks to our Atlanta pet waste clean up service. This assures the cleanliness and sanitation of your property, making it safe for both people and pets.

Get started with our Atlanta GA pooper scooper service. Scheduling it easy — our staff will walk you through the process and make sure you find a service package that fits your needs.