Belvedere Park GA Pet Waste Removal

Many homeowners believe that mowing over dog poop instead of hiring professional Belvedere Park GA pet waste removal is a suitable alternative. Yet, there are many reasons why this isn’t effective and can actually make it more harmful to you, your family, and your pets.

Instead of mowing over dog poop, or ignoring it completely, hire a professional Belvedere Park GA pet pooper scooper like to get the job done and to do it the right way.

Why not mow it?

What many dog owners don’t realize is how long it takes the dog waste to break down without proper pet waste removal in Belvedere Park GA. Surprisingly enough, if left on the ground, it will take up to an entire year for the dog waste to completely decompose. With that in mind, imagine what mowing over it does.

Instead of having a complete pile for a pooper scooper in Belvedere Park GA to remove, mowing cuts the waste into tiny little pieces that are impossible to remove, yet doesn’t aid in actually removing the waste. Instead, it spreads it around, giving more access to germs to infect you and your pets, as well as working to destroy your lawn.

Rain will wash it away”

While it is true that rain does wash the poop out of sight, it doesn’t actually work as an effective means of Belvedere Park GA pet waste removal. It actually only allows the harmful aspects of the dog waste to seep into the ground faster, affecting the soil and any nearby waterways.

Get rid of the stink and mess with !

When you hire a professional Belvedere Park GA pet pooper scooper from our team, you can get rid of these stinky “landmines” once and for all. You won’t have to worry about tracking the germs inside or killing your yard’s vegetation with tiny poo particles.

Call today for our Belvedere Park GA pet waste removal. We often run special promotions that you won’t want to miss. Call today and see how we can help you reclaim your yard!