Candler-McAfee Poop Scooping Service

With as your Candler-McAfee poop scooping service company, you can avoid a potential doggy disaster. If you think that’s a bold claim, it’s only because we think our poop scooping service company in Candler-McAfee is just that good.

Others agree, too. If you take a look at our customer reviews on Yelp, and other client testimonials, you’ll note that our customers are pretty happy with our results. It’s not just the human family members who love us — our dog pals are always super excited to see the troops driving up to take care of poop scooping in Candler-McAfee GA.


Our passion for dogs shows

Our troops love it when the dogs come out to play during a visit. Not only is it great socialization for the dogs, but we sometimes learn more about your pets’ habits and special places to do their business. Our Candler-McAfee scooping company team members pride themselves on the ability to search out, and destroy, every “landmine” and “stink bomb.”

As much fun as it is for our Candler-McAfee poop scooping service company team to handle this work in the company of some great dogs, there is a serious reason to make sure your yard is free of dog waste.


Dog poop removal is serious business

According to the Center for Disease Control, pet waste can contribute to the spread of diseases and parasites from animals to humans. There are some serious symptoms that can even lead to long-term illness. These illnesses can be diagnosed through symptoms such as:

  • Fever
  • Muscle aches
  • Intestinal disorders
  • And more

Of course, children are the most susceptible to picking up these diseases and parasites as they are likely to be the ones playing in the dirt and running around barefoot. No matter what your age, care should be taken to thoroughly clean hands after coming into contact with dog waste.

Our Candler-McAfee scooping company employs, and trains, technicians to be vigilant about cleanliness and use best sanitary practices. After we clean up the yard, we bag the waste and remove it from your property. Our Candler-McAfee poop scooping service company is ready to deploy right now!