College Park Dog Poop Scooper

Having a College Park dog poop scooper service like not only gives you a clean yard, but also eliminates a legitimate health concern in the process.

There are many forms of bacteria and diseases that can be transferred from your dog to you, especially in the form of their feces. Without the proper College Park scooper service, this health hazard is left to fester on your property near your home or place of business. In essence, it’s a ticking time bomb that never goes away.

How parasites reach humans

Feces is the most common way for parasites to reach a human’s system. Without intervention from a poop scooper company in College Park GA, you can be contracting these diseases and never known it.

Do you like getting “puppy kisses” from your fur kids? If your dog has been allowed to consume their own waste because it was laying around the yard, their kisses could infect you with hookworms, tapeworms, threadworms, and even campylobacteriosis.

Children and elderly are even more susceptible

If you have children or elderly family that like to walk in your yard, you can certainly benefit from a professional dog poop scooper service in College Park. Children often enjoy playing in the dirt and have a hard time telling what is dirt and what isn’t.

Because their hands often go to their mouths before parents even realize, this opens them up to these diseases more easily. A College Park dog poop scooper service can ensure this doesn’t happen.

Why hire a poop scooper company in College Park GA?

Dog waste should be cleared away every week. This should be more frequent with more dogs. For example, a home with a single Pomeranian will need less clean up than a home with an English Mastiff.

wants to be your College Park dog poop scooper service, so we can keep up on this work for you. Give us a call today to take back control of your lawn and enjoy it once again.