College Park Pet Waste Removal

Most dog owners don’t truly grasp the importance of having dependable College Park GA pet waste removal.

However, long-time clients with have come to realize that having professional College Park pet waste removal services is a must if you want a germ-free yard that the entire family can enjoy. Call today and see why is changing the entire pet waste removal industry with quality service, affordable rates and iron-clad guarantees. 

Warning: Dog poop is not fertilizer

Many dog owners believe that leaving the dog waste to lie on the lawn is good for it; that it’s only dog urine that can be harmful to grass. However, this couldn’t be any further from the truth. Without diligent pet waste removal in College Park GA, your grass can be harmed and the health of your entire lawn put in jeopardy.

A dog’s diet is rich in protein. Therefore, unlike cow manure, a dog’s waste contains a very high acid content. Without a reputable pet waste removal company in College Park, the waste can be left to lie on the ground and rot, causing the grass in that area to die.

“I’ll Just mow it up”

Not a good idea. Other dog owners are under the impression that mowing over these unsightly “landmines” removes the need for College Park GA pet waste removal. However, all mowing over it does it cuts it into very fine pieces and spreads it across a larger portion of the yard. What many don’t know is that it can take up to a year for dog waste to fully decompose. Without reliable College Park pet waste removal services, that’s an entire year’s worth of rotting, stinky waste.

To transform your yard back into the fun, healthy environment you once had, you don’t have to get rid of Fido. With College Park GA pet waste removal from , you can take back control of your yard without picking up the waste yourself.