Decatur Pet Waste Removal

Dog waste is not fertilizer for your yard — in fact, without Decatur GA pet waste removal, your lawn can suffer serious damage because of your pet’s poop.

Although many clients believe that their animals’ feces is beneficial to their grass, perhaps like the manure of cows, that could not be further from the truth. Your lawn can actually suffer serious scalds if you do not have the time for dog doodie pickup. This, and other reasons, are why offers comprehensive Decatur pet waste removal services.

Instead of having to spend your evenings hunting for “landmines,” why not hand over the controls to our team of experts? offers a variety of options for pet waste removal in Decatur GA, giving you the peace of mind and convenience you need to keep your lawn looking fresh.


Why Decatur GA pet waste removal is crucial for your lawn’s health

So, why isn’t dog poop beneficial for your lawn? To start, let us compare a dog’s diet to that of a cow or other herbivore.

  • A cow generally eats a wide variety of grasses and plants — a vegetarian diet — whereas a dog consumes mostly meat in its food bowl.
  • This is a critical distinction, as dog waste is far more acidic than cow manure. Dog poop is more likely to burn your lawn, leaving yellow spots and other unsightly issues.
  • The good news is that Decatur pet waste removal services can prevent this damage to your lawn.

With the help of our pet waste removal company in Decatur, hundreds of other homeowners just like you are enjoying free time that would have otherwise been spent picking up piles. Furthermore, their lawns look neater, tidier and healthier because waste is not being left lying around.

Whether you are a busy professional, a harried head of household, or a dog owner with limited mobility, our Decatur GA pet waste removal services are for you. Let us show you the difference when it comes to keeping your lawn healthy. Contact the today.