Douglasville Pooper Scooper Services

You can reclaim your backyard with and our Douglasville pooper scooper services.  If you’ve found yourself avoiding your lawn or don’t enjoy hanging around outside due to the constant messes from your pet, then professional pooper scooper services in Douglasville GA are in order.

Instead of dodging piles of poop throughout your outdoor space or breathing in the unpleasant odor you can call in the area’s leading Douglasville pooper scooper company.


We’re serious our pet waste removal

The Troops are expert trackers and the enemy can’t escape by hiding in the bushes. The platoons from our pooper scooper company in Douglasville GA locate the enemy, scoop it, bag it, and haul it away with alacrity and speed.

Our troops arrive well equipped, from their sanitized scoops to their armored vehicles. Well, actually the “armored” vehicles are company-marked trucks, so you can easily identify our Douglasville pooper scooper company staff as we pull up.

Georgia enjoys a nice, long, hot summer. This is one of the best reasons to avoid dumping dog poop in your own trash receptacles. The Troops keep it clean and odor-free by completely removing all pet waste from your premises.


Reclaim your time and property!

One of the best things about our Douglasville pooper scooper services is the amount of time we can save you. No more hot hours in the sun or worse, searching out doggy landmines in the rain.

Think about the things you can accomplish in the time saved by your team. We’ll make your yard so sparkling clean you can devote your time to outdoor fun, instead. You’ll have more time to enjoy playing with your pets and you’ll feel safer having clean green spaces for the entire family.

Our Douglasville pooper scooper services plans are affordable and offer convenient flexibility.  By talking with a representative, you can decide upon the weekly or monthly plan that best suits your budget and needs. Give a call today at 877.930.POOP for more information.