Dunwoody Dog Poop Scooper

Here at , we take immense pride in our Dunwoody dog poop scooper service. We know that this is not glamorous work — not by a long shot. But we feel a sense of pride that we are able to take care of this very important work for a long list of both residential and commercial clients throughout the local community.

Dog poop is unsightly and unsanitary — it can pose a threat to your lawn, family members, friends, pets and even the local environment. Our poop scooper company in Dunwoody GA wanted to do something about it, so we developed one of the most comprehensive forms of dog waste removal currently available.

With our dog poop scooper service in Dunwoody, we are careful to:

  • Scout out your property to locate all piles of dog poop. It can be easy to miss a pile or two, and that means germs and bacteria are left to linger on your property. With our Dunwoody scooper service, we preach the motto: “Leave no mound behind.”
  • Once these proverbial “landmines” are located, we remove the entire pile of feces, bag it up and load it on to our trucks. Our Dunwoody dog poop scooper service features haul away and disposal at no extra charge.
  • Is the smell of dog poop still wafting in the air? Our poop scooper company in Dunwoody GA will take care of it with our eco-friendly deodorization solution, which will freshen up the area.

And just like that, all unsanitary signs of your dogs have vanished from your property. provides you with this same, comprehensive care each time we visit. You can schedule service on a weekly, bi-weekly or one-time basis.

You can put our Dunwoody dog poop scooper service to work on your residential or commercial property. Connect with to get started.