Dunwoody GA Pooper Scooper Service

Believe it or not, but a single Dunwoody GA pooper scooper service effectively protects people, pets and your lawn from an unsanitary health hazard. Here at , we’re proud to offer such a service and we go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that we provide excellent work for the residential and commercial clients that we serve.


Get professional Dunwoody GA dog poop clean up

With our pooper scooper service in Dunwoody GA, you don’t have to worry about people or pets coming into contact with the unsavory and unsanitary elements found in dog poop. This exposure can happen a lot easier than you might think, too.

  • For instance, dogs are fairly notorious for being curious about their own poop. It’s not uncommon for them to sniff or even eat their own feces, in addition to accidentally trampling through it while they play in the yard. All this exposes them to dangerous bacteria and diseases. With our Dunwoody GA poop clean up, you don’t have to worry about them coming into contact with these messes.
  • While people might try to keep their distance from dog poop, it only takes one misstep to leave you with a giant, unsanitary mess on the bottom of your shoe, which you could track indoors. Our Dunwoody GA pooper scooper service wants to eliminate the likelihood of this fairly common scenario.

Our Dunwoody GA dog poop clean up service is affordably priced and completes a thorough job upon each visit from our crews. We will sweep your entire property to find and remove piles of dog poop. From there, we bag the feces up and haul it away with us. We’ll take care of disposal — ALL of this included in our very low price.


Bring a Dunwoody GA pooper scooper to your lawn or property

The team at is ready to take on this chore for you. Connect with our team to get a free quote on Dunwoody GA pooper scooper service.