East Point Dog Poop Scooper

What can an East Point dog poop scooper service do for your family? Imagine spending nights and weekends enjoying a beautiful outdoor space at your home instead of trying to dodge “landmines” left by your pets.

For homes with multiple dogs, a poop scooper company in East Point GA simply makes sense. At , we make it easy for your family to enjoy a clean, tidy lawn, that boasts serious curb appeal.

Our services are ideal for people with multiple dogs who enjoy entertaining or spending time in their yards. Let our dog poop scooper service in East Point show you the difference that comes with outsourcing your doggy cleanup duties.

Improve the health of your lawn with our East Point dog poop scooper service

Like many of our clients, you may believe that dog waste is good for your lawn — after all, isn’t it like cow manure? Although this is a common misconception, the idea that dog waste will benefit your lawn is actually wrong.

  • Dogs and cows have dramatically different diets, with dogs’ intake causing their waste to be far more acidic. In fact, without the help of a poop scooper company in East Point GA to help you with waste removal, your lawn could suffer permanent damage.
  • A lackluster lawn can, of course, affect resale value on your home, get you in trouble with your homeowners’ association, and make your lawn unpleasant to look at because of “hot spots” and scalds.
  • Finding those “landmines” can be even more difficult for families with multiple dogs who do not use an East Point scooper service. Different sizes of piles — perhaps with dogs that sneak under bushes or other decorative elements — can lead to hours in the yard. Wouldn’t you rather be spending time with your family?

At , we help you get your waste removal under control with our experienced East Point dog poop scooper service. We have been offering quality waste removal since 2010. Trust the experts to get the job done right at your home, and call the today.