Johns Creek GA Pooper Scooper Service

Reclaim your lawn with and our Johns Creek GA pooper scooper service. Just because your dog uses your lawn as their own personal toilet doesn’t mean you have to let it deteriorate.

With regularly scheduled Johns Creek GA dog poop clean up, you can completely erase the signs of dog poop from your property without having to lift a finger.


How our Johns Creek GA poop clean up can work for you

Dog poop can truly wreak havoc on your lawn. If you fail to keep up on finding and removing the feces left behind by your pet, people are going to take notice. Some of the obvious signs that dog poop has ravaged your lawn include:

  • Dead spots in your grass. Dog feces is loaded with chemicals, bacteria and other elements that can kill the grass it comes into contact with. As your Johns Creek GA pooper scooper, will work to remove the waste before it has time to damage your lawn.
  • A nasty aroma that lingers over your property. Often, people will know you have dog poop on your property before they even spot it. That’s because pet feces creates an overwhelming smell that can even stick around when you finally remove the poop itself. As a part of our Johns Creek GA pooper scooper service, we will deodorize and refresh the area.
  • Flies and other bugs flocking to the area. Dog poop is a magnet for not only flies and mosquitos, but other, larger, pests that are willing to pick through the filth. Keep these nuisances off your property with our Johns Creek GA dog poop clean up.

While dog poop might seem harmless, it can accumulate quickly and, as you can see, create a lot of problems. offers an affordable pooper scooper service in Johns Creek GA that eliminates all these problems to provide you with peace of mind.

We’d love to help you schedule your Johns Creek GA pooper scooper service. Call us or request a quote online.