Kennesaw Pet Waste Removal

Many dog owners don’t realize how dangerous it is to go without proper Kennesaw GA pet waste removal. Contrary to popular belief, the poop your dog leaves behind is extremely dangerous to you, your pet, and especially your lawn. Nobody want’s a backyard full of toxic chemicals. That’s why you should call for our Kennesaw pet waste removal services.

Keep parasites at a distance

As soon as your dog’s poop hits the ground, it begins to attract some very dangerous parasites. These can include:

  • Salmonellosis
  • Round worms
  • Tape worms
  • Hook worms
  • And even Parvo

If you go without pet waste removal in Kennesaw GA, you are inviting these parasites to find their way into your home or even body. It’s recommended that you have a pet waste removal company in Kennesaw to your home at least every week; more if you have a large breed of dog or multiple dogs.

How do the unsanitary by-products of dog poop affect you?

Think about it. Every time your dog walks in, or near, their own poop, they run the risk of attracting one of these parasites onto their feet. Then, they come inside.

Another way of attracting these parasites is through the “doggy kisses” we all love. Without Kennesaw pet waste removal services, your dog might be led to eat its own waste. Then, when giving you those kisses, the germs and bacteria are contracted to you.


Eliminate these risks with Kennesaw GA pet waste removal

It’s always a good practice to have a Kennesaw GA pet waste removal service come to your home and ensure your yard is free of any doggy “landmines.” After all, you want to be able to enjoy your yard with your pooch without the fear of contracting any kind of illness. Call us today, or submit our quote request form online, to get started on one of our excellent plans.