Lawrenceville Pet Waste Removal

Without proper Lawrenceville GA pet waste removal, your yard is destined to become a yellowing mess of decay. Have you ever driven by a yard and seen nothing but yellowing grass and dirt? It is likely the outcome of dog poop being left to rot.

To keep this from happening to your lawn, call our Lawrenceville pet waste removal services to get on our schedule.

Dog poop is not a fertilizer!

Many dog owners are under the impression that dog poop can work as a fertilizer. Cow manure works, why shouldn’t dog poop? The truth is that not all poop is the same.

Dog poop isn’t a good fertilizer because of a dog’s diet. While cows are completely vegetarians, dogs are carnivores. Even though they eat hard dog food, the main ingredients are always some form of meat. That means their waste is high in protein and acid.

Without pet waste removal in Lawrenceville GA, this poop will cause the grass around it to die. Also, as rain washes over it, the bacteria and acidity washes into the soil, preventing any new growth of grass.

Our Lawrenceville GA pet waste removal stops unwanted pests

There’s nothing more inviting to pests and parasites than a pile of poop on a hot summer’s day. Our pet waste removal company in Lawrenceville works to remove the pop in a timely manner. If this doesn’t happen, flies, insects and bacteria larvae begin to grow.

Without our Lawrenceville pet waste removal services, your yard becomes a thriving oasis for disease-carrying pest. This could put you, your family and your pets in danger.

If you want to avoid the nasty by-products of dog poop, call our Lawrenceville GA pet waste removal staff today. We can help your yard from succumbing to these parasites and return it to its once glorious states.