Lithia Springs Dog Poop Removal Service

There are many reasons why dog owners might choose not to opt for Lithia Springs dog poop removal services. However, here at , we’re confident that, once you try out our convenient service, you’ll be hooked!

Many dog owners are misinformed to the actual harmful effects of dog waste — many think that it might even act as an effective fertilizer. As a premier Lithia Springs poop removal company, wants to inform dog owners of the true facts behind leaving dog waste where it falls.

“It helps my grass grow!”

This couldn’t be any further from the truth. Dog waste does not make a good fertilizer. In fact, it will harm, and eventually kill, any vegetation it comes in contact with. A good dog poop removal service in Lithia Springs GA will ensure your lawn isn’t harmed by rotting poop. Here’s why it’s not a good fertilizer.

Cow manure makes good fertilizer because a cow’s diet is only vegetables, making their manure a smelly compost. Dogs, on the other head, have a high-protein diet. Even if you don’t feed your dog actual meat, there are meat products in their food. And, just like you don’t put meat in your compost, you shouldn’t use dog waste as fertilizer. Instead, get rid of it with our poop removal in Lithia Springs GA.

“It’s only natural to leave it!”

This excuse for opting out of Lithia Springs dog poop removal service is a popular one. It stems from the fact that, since dogs are part of nature, it’s natural to leave their poop behind. This would be true if your dog did its business in a secluded, wooded area where no humans had access. However, without a Lithia Springs poop removal company, you are inviting many dangerous bacteria that are harmful to humans and other pets.

With Lithia Springs dog poop removal service by , you don’t have to worry about coming up with an excuse; we will handle it all for you. From pick-up to disposal, is the right choice for handling your dog’s business.