Lithia Springs Dog Waste Removal

At , our Lithia Springs dog waste removal company has been enlisting clients since 2010. It was then that our founders decided to take their love of dogs to the next level by handling what many call the dirty business of owning a dog.

Our love for, and dedication to, dogs shines through on each visit as our dog waste service in Lithia Springs vows to never leave a single pile of poop behind to endanger your animal. 

Explore our scheduling packages

Our available plans for dog waste removal in Lithia Springs allow for any dog owner, regardless of dog size or budget, to get quality service.

Our dog waste removal company in Lithia Springs boasts prices as low as $12.99 per visit, and you can choose from:

  • One-time cleaning
  • Bi-weekly visits
  • Once-a-week visits
  • Twice-a-week visits
  • And even three times per week if you need it.

No matter which plan you choose, you are getting service from a Lithia Springs dog waste removal company that has built a strong reputation in every community we have entered.

What to expect from our service

There is a certain method that our customers have come to expect from our dog waste service in Lithia Springs. For example, our vehicles will be clearly marked and our employees in full uniform, so you know exactly who it is in your drive way.

Upon arriving, our troops will walk every inch of your property, ensuring your yard, and any flower beds and patios, are completely clear of dog poop. Also, we will sanitize any porch or sidewalk where dog poop has been found, ensuring your entire property is safe and sanitary. Then, when we have completed the mission, we will lock the gate, ensuring your dogs are safely on your property.

If having professional Lithia Springs dog waste removal is what you need, call . Our trained office staff will handle your concerns professionally and have your yard ready to go in no