Marietta Dog Waste Removal

The dog poop on your lawn isn’t going away — you either need to take care of it on your own or rely on our professional Marietta dog waste removal service to do it for you.

One of the biggest mistakes that dog owners tend to commit is ignoring the dog poop on their lawns or commercial properties. Leaving dog poop to sit around and bake under the hot sun is like inviting other forms of pollution on to your property. It’s a hazard to the health of people and pets, it looks disgusting and it can kill your lawn.

With our dog waste service in Marietta, you can do something about it. offers ongoing and one-time cleaning services to remove each and every mound of pet waste from your property.


Don’t ignore dog poop on your property

Many folks come to for dog waste removal in Marietta because their properties have become overrun with dog poop. That’s because dog waste can accumulate quickly unless you pick it up or rely on a dog waste removal company in Marietta to do so.

A lot of people think that the poop will:

  • Dissolve on its own. In reality, it takes a pile of dog poop an entire year to fully breakdown. Our Marietta dog waste removal gets it off your property well before then.
  • Will be washed away with the rain. The rain isn’t going to wash the waste away. However, the bacteria can get mixed in with rain runoff and have an adverse effect on your local water supply. This is even more reason to rely on our dog waste service in Marietta.
  • Fertilize their lawns. After all, cow manure acts as fertilizer, right? Dog poop is different and will actively kill plants and grass due to the chemicals in the feces.

Now that you know your dog poop isn’t going anywhere, connect with our Marietta dog waste removal staff and take a proactive approach to keeping it off of your property!