Marietta GA Pet Waste Removal

If you value a beautiful looking property and healthy, happy pets, then Marietta GA pet waste removal by will prove to be more than a worthy investment.

We help you accomplish both of these things with our prompt, affordable and highly effective Marietta GA pet pooper scooper service.


Dog poop can be very damaging — don’t let it linger on your property

Pet waste is not only nasty to look at and smell, but it contains germs, bacteria and diseases, which can really do a number on people, pets and your lawn. With our pet waste removal in Marietta GA, you are able to remove this harmful substance on a regular basis. This means:

  • Healthy, happy pets: Dogs are curious animals — when mounds of their own waste are sitting around, they’re liable to sniff it, eat it or walk through it. This exposes them to great health hazards. Weekly visits from a trained pooper scooper in Marietta GA will give them the opportunity to step freely around their own property.
  • A beautiful, vibrant lawn and landscape: Just like dog poop is a health hazard, it’s also very hazardous to your lawn — and even the local environment as a whole. When dog poop sits around on your lawn, it will kill off grass, hurt plants and even invite annoying pests to move in.


Team with a leader in Marietta GA pet waste removal

The good news is this is all very easily avoidable, and the answer lies in weekly or bi-weekly visits from our Marietta GA pet pooper scooper crews. We can come in to completely clean your property of dog poop — we even haul the waste away and dispose of it for no extra charge.

Our customer service team would be happy to provide you with an estimate or get you on our service schedule. Contact our Marietta GA pet waste removal staff and get started.