Milton Poop Scooping Service

Scoop Soldiers and our Milton poop scooping service company specializes in providing personalized avenues of removing dog waste from yards, dog runs, dog parks and more.

We began back in 2010 answering the call of homeowners who wanted to have friendly, reliable pet mess clean up for their outdoor spaces after realizing their lawn care company doesn’t always perform this task.

Since then, has grown to become a trusted business to so many new communities throughout the south. We’re so happy to add Poop Scooping in Milton GA as one of our latest markets!


We do this job right — every time!

The have developed a standard operating procedure that provides pet owners with dependable, secure services from our Milton scooping company.

  • First, we answer the call of duty and we make it a point to respond to all inquiries quickly. Once you’ve inquired about our poop scooping service company in Milton, we are eager to answer any questions you may have.
  • Security concerns can arise when you let new people into your yard and into your pet’s life. Our Milton poop scooping service company assuages those concerns by making sure every team member completes a background check and undergoes training on security processes.
  • Those processes include alerting homeowners to the team’s arrival, friendly and safe interactions with the pets, and finally, a note to let you know we’ve been there and have secured your gate or door upon leaving. We take your security very seriously.

Cost is an initial concern for potential clients of our Milton scooping company. This is why we offer plans at multiple price points with flexible scheduling to best meet your needs.

offers a range of service plans for monthly, weekly or even a one-time cleanup at highly competitive rates. We include up to four dogs with no extra charge. Talk to one of our Milton poop scooping service company reps about larger yards or enclosures and pricing for multifamily dwellings and see how can help you.