North Druid Hills Dog Poop Scooper

Remove one of the biggest hassles of your weekly yardwork with and our North Druid Hills dog poop scooper service.

We’ve all been there — accidentally stepping in a steaming pile of dog poop and tracking it through the house or into the car.  Or, one of these “landmines” was waiting for the blades of the lawnmower to shred it all over the yard.  Put an end to these surprises with and our efficient dog poop scooper service in North Druid Hills.


Comprehensive cleaning service for your lawn or commercial property

Dog poop piles are more than just a mess. Dog feces left unattended poses a real threat to the health of your pets and your family members. In addition to spreading harmful parasites like roundworms and Giardia, bacteria such as salmonella and e. coli are present in the feces and can be spread to humans, causing unpleasant, or even life-threatening, symptoms.

Our North Druid Hills scooper service team members arrive ready to defend you against these threats. We are armed with professional gear to quickly locate, scoop and remove all dog waste. When we say remove, we really mean remove.

Our crew will bag and take all waste with us for proper disposal. We’ll never leave dog poop in your personal trash receptacles. Our poop scooper company In North Druid Hills GA is professional and reliable, following a “leave no trace” protocol.


Don’t leave dog poop on your property — we’ll remove it right away!

Some folks wonder if a North Druid Hills dog poop scooper service is necessary, believing that dog poop is like cow manure in that it can be left as fertilizer.

Not all poop is the same as there are vast differences between the food and digestion of a cow and a dog. Dog piles can cause brown spots and lasting damage to your lawn and flower beds.  This is why you need regular service from a dependable poop scooper company In North Druid Hills GA.

Protect the health of your family along with the safety and beauty of your lawn and garden. Let and our North Druid Hills dog poop scooper service be your team for dependable dog waste cleanup and removal.