North Druid Hills Pooper Scooper Services

We’ve got great news for local pet owners — and our North Druid Hills pooper scooper services are now available.

Yes, we’ll sweep for “landmines” for a total search and destroy mission on your property. The troops of our North Druid Hills pooper scooper company are vigilant in their battle against pet waste so that you can enjoy your outdoor spaces without worry.


Setting ourselves apart from the pack

The team at provides prompt, reliable pooper scooper services in North Druid Hills GA through a variety of weekly plans to fit the needs of your budget and schedule. If you’ve considered contracting with a pooper scooper company in North Druid Hills GA, we would like to tell you what sets apart from other pet waste removal services.

  • First and foremost, we love our work. Our crew is a dog-loving bunch, so we spend our days visiting and taking care of our pack of friends. It’s really terrific to see happy, wagging tails when we come to the gate.
  • Our North Druid Hills pooper scooper services staff makes sure you know when we’re coming and when we’ve completed the job. Communication is key.
  • employs friendly technicians who have completed a background check. Pet owners can be assured of a uniformed team armed with the equipment they need to quickly clean up and remove the droppings from your yard.
  • We come in marked trucks — we even take a picture of your secured gate when we depart the premises. Your comfort and your pet’s safety are top priorities for the at our North Druid Hills pooper scooper company.

provides a pricing structure to give you the best value for your investment. Our basic service includes up to four dogs, we don’t charge extra for the first visit, and large yards are included in the weekly fee.

’ North Druid Hills pooper scooper services are also available on a bi-weekly basis and we offer a one-time clean-up to give you a beautiful yard for your outdoor special events.  Call today at 877.930.POOP!