Redan Pet Waste Management

Redan pet waste management is the focus of the team at . Keeping yards, walkways, and dog play areas clean and free of dog droppings is an ongoing battle and the Troops are equipped and armed for the job.

Along with providing a clean look and fresh smell, a good Redan pet waste service addresses health concerns for both pets and their owners.


Addressing the serious health hazard that is dog poop

There are a number of troubling health concerns that come with dog poop that is left laying about. We know some dogs like to roll in it; some dogs even see poo as a tasty snack (we know — that’s nasty). The problem with neglecting Redan pet waste management is the very real threat of illness due to parasites and bacterial infections. works double duty to search out all dog piles to thoroughly remove this unhealthy and unsightly mess.

Just one of the parasites spread through dog feces is the whipworm. Whipworm eggs are present in fecal matter and are easily spread or ingested when dogs clean their paws, drink infested water, or consume an infected dog’s feces.

Consider the fact that these worms hatch and live attached to the dog’s intestines, feeding off the available blood supply. Without great pet waste management in Redan, dogs can suffer from whipworm infestation that can only be diagnosed through a stool test at the vet’s laboratory.  Look for symptoms such as bloody stools, signs of dehydration, anemia and weight loss.


protects your pets and family

The best prevention for parasite infestations like the whipworm is vigilant work by a reliable pet waste company In Redan GA. goes that extra mile. After the search and destroy mission — or scoop and bag mission — we haul the waste off of your property.  This Redan pet waste service keeps your trash receptacle free from dog feces so that you are not faced with a parasite petri dish experiment.

While the topic of dog poop, and the attendant diseases and parasites, may be unpleasant, and our Redan pet waste management saves you from all that. Spare yourself the mess of dog poop cleanup and call in the !