Tucker Dog Waste Scooping

At , our Tucker dog waste removal team is focused on helping each individual client, but also on helping the community.

Before we offered Tucker dog waste scooping, was founded in 2010 back in our home state of Texas, where we were dedicated to giving back to the community that gave us so much. In 2017, we got the chance to do just that when the Travis County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit patrol service dog was unexpectedly required to retire due to budget constraints.

was thrilled to donate the $10,000 necessary to avoid this reassignment, and we continue to look for new opportunities to donate to our service communities. In fact, if anyone in our Tucker dog waste scooping service area donates through our website, we offer one free cleaning.

Although we love helping animals in our service areas, our main focus is on helping our clients keep a happy, clean, and safe yard for their furry friends. Our poop scooping company in Tucker GA does the dirty work for you. Our standard operating procedure for dog waste removal in Tucker goes as follows:

  • Arrive in uniform in our marked trucks so you know exactly who we are and why we’re there.
  • Sweep each part of the service area for land mines left by furry friends — including flowerbeds, porches and any lawn furniture or décor.
  • Remove every “stink bomb” and all waste from the battlefield.
  • Double check the property and thoroughly secure the area.
  • Send an email with notification of completion and a picture of the secured gate so no one has to worry.

Our Tucker dog waste removal team can complete all services even if your furry family members are out in the yard, too. Our emailed photo of the secured gate means you can go about your day with no worries about the safety of your pets or property.

On top of our efficiency, our Tucker dog waste removal service is the most affordable professional service in the area. For more information on pricing, give us a call at 877-930-POOP.