Austin Dog Poop Scooper

Keep dog poop — and the unsavory byproducts of it — off your lawn indefinitely with the help of a reliable Austin dog poop scooper service. Scoop Soldiers offers a valuable service to residential and commercial clients.

With the help of our poop scooper company in Austin TX, you can receive regularly scheduled visits for our crews, who will find, remove and dispose of the pet waste on your property.

Our dog poop scooper service in Austin is extremely thorough — we don’t leave so much as a single mound of pet waste behind.

Targeting dog poop and all the gross things that come with

Our Austin scooper service is designed to keep dog poop off of your property. After all, it’s not just unsightly mounds that are on your lawn — dog poop is accompanied by other unsavory things.

  • Germs and bacteria: Dog poop is a breeding ground for so many different types of bacteria, germs and diseases that can threaten both people and pets.
  • Pests: With our Austin dog poop scooper service, you can make sure that mounds of waste are not attracting invasive pests to your property. These are pests like flies, maggots and even mice and races that look to dine on the undigested protein in the waste.
  • Foul smell: Nasty smell can blanket your property even after the poop has been removed. Our poop scooper company in Austin TX can provide deodorization techniques that address this.

As you can see, dog poop is some foul stuff. You don’t want to let it hang around your property for any more than a few days.

With our Austin dog poop scooper service, you don’t have to. You can schedule visits for as frequent as three times a week or as seldom as a single visit. Our client service team can help you set up your service.