Austin Pet Waste Removal Service

At Scoop Soldiers, our Austin pet waste removal service is here to help, because we know that few things are more annoying than pet waste littering your lawn or commercial property. Our team will diligently work to keep your lawn clear of pet waste week in and week out.

The smelly side of owning a dog

Many dog owners rely on our pet waste removal service in Austin TX because, for a minimal investment, you are able to eliminate all the annoyances and hazards that come with having dogs on your property.

  • Smell: We probably don’t have to tell you that pet waste can blanket an entire area with a nasty aroma — even after it has been removed. Not only does our pet waste removal in Austin TX remove waste, but we also de-odorize.
  • Germs and bacteria: With our Austin pet waste removal, you effectively remove tons of germs and bacteria from your property. These are things that could compromise the health of your family, friends and other pets.
  • Damage to grass: Dog poop and manure are two totally different things. Many people think that, like manure, dog poop will simply fertilize their lawns. This is untrue — dog waste will kill your lawn. Our pet waste removal service in Austin TX can stop that from happening, and even make small repairs to damaged areas.
  • Messes: Mounds of dog waste are complete eyesores for your lawn. Even further, someone could step in one of these mounds and track this nasty substance indoors.

Affordable service you can count on

Yes, you can certainly pick up dog poop on your own, but why go through the weekly hassle when Scoop Soldiers is available with weekly service for a minimal fee? Our Austin pet waste removal is perfect for both residential and commercial properties, so contact our team right now.