Austin Pet Waste Scooping

The Austin pet waste removal experts at Scoop Soldiers want to offer you a valuable service to keep your lawn or commercial property clean and sanitary — even when dogs are using it as a giant toilet.

With Scoop Soldiers and our Austin pet waste scooping, you don’t have to let dog poop damage your property or pose as a health hazard to both people and pets in the area. Instead, our team will utilize proven methods to find and remove it, in addition to disposing of it in a sanitary fashion at our offsite location.

The truth about dog poop

There are many myths about dog poop that lead pet owners to ignore the waste on their property. Instead, they should be removing it every week or at least relying on our pet waste removal in Austin to do it for them.

The following are some facts you should know about dog poop:

  • The Environmental Protection Agency has actually classified dog poop as an official pollutant of the environment due to the chemicals, germs and bacteria that are found in it.
  • Unlike manure that is used to fertilize gardens and lawns, dog poop causes plants and vegetation to die. That’s why our Austin pet waste removal crews work so quickly to remove the messes.
  • Feces is the most common avenue in which diseases are passed from dog to dog, underscoring how important Austin pet waste scooping truly is.
  • Also, pet waste contains things like hookworm, ringworm and other bacteria that can affect the health of people, as well.

With our poop scooping company in Austin TX on your side, you don’t have to worry bout these hazards — you can simply enjoy a clean, sanitary lawn in peace.

Get started with our service. Explore our flexible scheduling options and let is know when you want us to start with our Austin pet waste removal.