Austin Pooper Scooper

Rely on the Austin pooper scooper services from Scoop Soldiers, and you will be able to check one annoying — and stinky — item off of your seemingly endless to-do list. Our professionals will roll up their sleeves and make sure your lawn or property is free of nasty and unhealthy mounds of pet waste.

Established in 2010, our pooper scooper company in Austin TX saw a need among fellow, local dog lovers. We realized that dogs are fun and entertaining to own, but the chores that accompany them are anything but. Scoop Soldiers cuts out the dirty work.

Our weekly pooper scooper services in Austin TX

The main reason that picking up dog waste is annoying is because, no matter how hard you work to clear your yard, there will be fresh piles sitting there waiting for you next week.

With our Austin pooper scooper services, you can schedule your service and never give it another thought. We offer weekly service that ensures your property stays clear week in and week out.

Keeping your pets safe

Relying on our pooper scooper company in Austin TX to clear your lawn or property is about more than convenience. Pet waste is ground zero for germs and bacteria that can make your pets really sick. Disposing of it immediately ensures that your pooches will remain happy and healthy.

Plus, by getting rid of waste in a timely fashion, you and your pets won’t run the risk of stepping in a steaming pile and tracking it all over the house. This problem is easily avoidable, and Scoop Soldiers is the solution.

We invite you to talk to a member of our staff and hear about all the advantages that come with our Austin pooper scooper services. We are affordable and ready to leave your property looking — and smelling — great.