Barton Creek Pet Waste Removal

Where there are dogs, there is poop — except, of course, when Scoop Soldiers and our expert Barton Creek pet waste removal service is on the job! We make it possible to own a dog, or multiple dogs, without letting your property become a cesspool of feces, germs, bacteria and other disgusting matter.

Scoop Soldiers offers pet waste removal service in Barton Creek TX, and has since 2010. This consistent, quality service ensures that dog poop — and the germs, bacteria, smell, etc. — stay far away from your property.

Our teams are knowledgeable and experienced. In fact, our service is equipped to cater to a wide variety of clients.

  • Homeowners: Of course, some of the clients that need our pet waste removal in Barton Creek the most are homeowners that have one or more dogs in the house. Scoop Soldiers can visit your home up to three times a week, sweeping through to remove dog poop and sanitize the area.
  • Public/shared spaces: Providing pet-friendly environments is a huge benefit to any community. With Scoop Soldiers and our Barton Creek pet waste removal, parks, opens spaces, and other areas can be welcoming for dogs while remaining clean and safe.
  • Residential properties: So many motels, apartments, condos and gated communities do not allow dogs because they are afraid of the damage they might inflict. Scoop Soldiers can work in any of these environments, providing pet waste removal service in Barton Creek TX that keeps these properties clean and looking great.

As you can see, Scoop Soldiers has been servicing clients both big and small for years. The one thing that ALL of our clients have in common is that they receive the same, high-level Barton Creek pet waste removal service. Never mess with dog waste again — work with our team.