By working with a reliable Cedar Park pooper scooper business, you are ensuring that pet waste will not be left to linger on your property. It’s important to remove this toxic substance right away so that it doesn’t pose a health threat to people and pets in addition to killing your lawn.

Instead of turning to a pooper scooper in Cedar Park TX, many residents and commercial property managers either put off this chore or they ignore it completely. This poses a few problems.

  • Ignoring it: Dog poop is not going to go away on its own. It takes months for it to naturally dissolve, and that’s even when the rain helps it out. Even then, germs and bacteria will be left behind to affect your lawn. Meet this need head-on with our pooper scooper business in Cedar Park.
  • Putting it off: Once dog poop was been on your lawn for around seven days, the damage will start to show. The poop can kill your lawn and is always a threat to the health of both people and pets. Our Cedar Park pooper scooper business offers flexible scheduling options so that pet waste doesn’t have the chance to pile up.

Each pooper scooper in Cedar Park TX from our staff works hard to deliver thorough, effective service. We don’t leave a single mound of pet waste behind and we even haul the poop away with us so you don’t have to smell it every time you take the trash out.

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Don’t put this important chore off — and certainly don’t ignore it. Instead, put competent professionals in charge of finding and removing the pet waste on your property.

Members of the Scoop Soldiers team are standing by to help you schedule service with our Cedar Park pooper scooper business.