Georgetown TX Dog Poop Waste Removal

Welcome to Scoop Soldiers, where the men and women behind our Georgetown TX dog poop removal services are fellow dog lovers just like yourself. We know firsthand the joy and companionship that comes with owning these pets but we also know how much work they can be.

No chore is more dreaded than picking up the poop left behind by your dog out in the yard. Now, with our poop removal services in Georgetown, you don’t have to do it — but it will still get done.

Scoop Soldiers offers highly effective dog poop removal services in Georgetown TX for an affordable price. For a minimal investment, you can get weekly visits from our poop scooping technicians, who will offer you thorough Georgetown dog poop services, including:

  • Locating each pile of waste
  • Removing the waste completely with our sterilized scoopers
  • Bagging up the waste
  • Free haul away and offsite disposal

You get these Georgetown TX dog poop removal services every single time we visit. Scoop Soldiers lets clients schedule service on a frequency basis — weekly or bi-weekly scheduling available — or you can utilize one-time poop removal services in Georgetown.

Keeping your lawn or commercial property clean and sanitary

Keeping dog poop off of your lawn is about more than just aesthetics. Dog poop carries germs, bacteria, and diseases that can have an adverse effect on both people and pets. The only way to shelter people and pets from this hazard is by removing it in a timely fashion.

Scoop Soldiers can do that for you. Talk to our team about your property and we can provide you with a free, no-obligation quote. If you want to move forward with our service, our team would be happy to schedule it — no contracts required for our Georgetown TX dog poop removal services.