For the Lake Austin TX pet waste removal service that both commercial and residential clients rely on, contact the friendly staff at Scoop Soldiers. We will make sure you never have to look at, handle or smell another stinky land mine left behind by your dogs ever again.

Each Lake Austin TX pooper scooper on our team practices great care when they are on your property, ensuring that you are left with a clean, sanitary and safe environment for your friends, family and pets.

Schedule your pet waste removal in Lake Austin TX

Picking up dog poop is literally an endless chore. When you finish cleaning your lawn up one week, it will be filled with mounds of pet waste the very next week. You need Lake Austin TX pet waste removal service that addresses this issue week in and week out.

  • Scoop Soldiers offers flexible scheduling packages, from three visits per week all the way to a one-time cleaning. Many of our clients find the traditional, weekly service to best suit their needs.
  • As a trustworthy Lake Austin TX pooper scooper, we would never try locking you in to an obligation. We don’t use contracts, and you are free to alter your service package whenever you would like.
  • Our service is cheap — plain and simple. When you consider the time and energy you are saving by calling in the Scoop Soldiers, you will truly realize the value that you get for your money. We will make your life a ton easier.

Why even bother picking up dog waste yourself when there are pros available to do the work quicker and more efficiently? Scoop Soldiers and our Lake Austin TX pet waste removal service is ready to deploy to your property and take care of business.