Leander Pet Waste Removal

In 2010, EJ McCoy and Josh Cahill founded Scoop Soldiers, the area’s leading Leander pet waste removal service. While working with our sister business, Emerald Lawn Care, EJ and Josh noticed that many local pet owners were having a hard time keeping up with their dog’s waste production. They were spending more time cleaning up after their dogs than playing with them.

This issue with pet waste in Leander TX has been solved, thanks to the dedication of our founders. By creating Scoop Soldiers and offering top-rated pet waste removal in Leander, we supply an affordable, reliable Leander pet waste removal service to those who need it.

Why do you need a professional service?

  • Thoroughness. Our team shows up ready to tackle the challenges your pets have left behind. No pile is too big to handle, and no pile is too small to find. We are dedicated to removing every back yard (and front yard) “land mine” that Sparky leaves.
  • Efficiency. Not only do we find every little dropping, we do it quickly and without fail.
  • Lawn health. It may seem like “extra fertilizer,” but having an inordinate amount of pet waste on your lawn can have adverse effects on its health. Both grass and decorative plants can be affected negatively if they do not have the proper growing conditions.

And, why is Scoop Soldiers the leader in removing pet waste in Leander TX?

  • Reliability. Simply put, we value the trust you are placing in us, and we will not let you down.
  • Affordability. We want you to be able to afford this necessity, which is why we guarantee to have the lowest price around. We don’t charge extra for more dogs or larger yards, and if you find a lower price, we will match it.
  • Family values. Our business is locally owned and locally operated. We are not some giant corporation that sees you as a number. We see you for who you really are – our neighbors, our friends and our family.

Contact our Leander pet waste removal service at 214-489-5568 today for more information.