Lockhart Pet Waste Removal Service

When you hire a Lockhart pet waste removal service, you want to know that the job is being done — and being done by professional, qualified men and women. Scoop Soldiers delivers on this, and so much more.

With our pet waste removal in Lockhart, you will never have to think about the unsavory chore of picking up dog poop ever again. You won’t see it. You won’t smell it. And, best of all, you won’t have to spend hours out in the yard picking it up yourself.

Schedule it and forget it

We make it easy to schedule your pet waste removal service in Lockhart. It’s best to get on a frequency schedule so that our scoopers can visit you often to stay up on the chore and not allow pet waste to accumulate. As far as service schedules, we offer:

  • Three times a week
  • Twice weekly
  • Weekly
  • Bi-weekly
  • One-time cleaning

After you schedule your Lockhart pet waste removal service, you can bid farewell to those stinky land mines left behind by your pooch.

We take care of the rest

While you focus on enjoying your four-legged friends, we will make our regular visits to find, remove and dispose of all the pet waste on your property. We can even administer this pet waste removal in Lockhart when you are not home.

Or, if you are home, you can feel free to allow your dogs to wander free — we love dogs. These are just two examples of how convenient our service is and how easy our staff is to work with.

All of this is available to you at a minimal price. Our Lockhart pet waste removal service is affordable for a reason — everyone should have access to professional help. Forget about this chore forever and get a hold of Scoop Soldiers.