Lost Creek Pooper Scooper

Stop shopping around for Lost Creek TX pooper scooper services. Scoop Soldiers is the solution you have been looking for — and then some.

Since we opened for business in 2010, a long list of clients have relied on our pooper scooper company in Lost Creek TX to keep their properties clean. After all, when you have dog poop on your property, it’s not JUST dog poop. This vile stuff comes with a variety of unhealthy byproducts.

  • Germs and bacteria: Dog feces is loaded with germs and bacteria. Many dogs get sick on a daily basis because they are exposed to this stuff. Our pooper scooper services in Lost Creek TX creates a safe environment for dogs and humans alike, removing poop and disposing of it elsewhere.
  • Flies, maggots and others bugs: Where there is poop, there will be flies. This can get annoying in a hurry. With our Lost Creek TX pooper scooper services, these types of pests will not see the need for descending on your property because the poop is out of there almost as quickly as your dog can lay it down.
  • Foul odors: Most of the time, you don’t even have to see dog poop to know that it’s there. Dog feces comes with an incredibly foul aroma, and one that our pooper scooper company in Lost Creek TX can eliminate with our sanitation and deodorization methods.

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For minimal cost, you can create a property you can be proud of, not to mention, one that is safe for your pets to play on. Let our Lost Creek TX pooper scooper services take care of the pet waste while you focus on more important things. Our team is standing by to offer you a free quote on your service!