Pflugerville Pet Waste Removal

When Scoop Soldiers opened its doors in 2010, we set out to become the premier Pflugerville pet waste removal service. We know how valuable of a service this can be to dog owners and those who manage dog-friendly properties. We considered this our contribution to the community — and the pets — that we love so much.

How we serve our clients

Just about anyone can pick up dog poop, but Scoop Soldiers has worked hard to build a business around it — one that you can rely on when you are in need of pet waste removal in Pflugerville TX.

Our industry is built around convenience. If you don’t want to pick up after a bunch of dogs — or are physically unable — you will need a team that will show up as scheduled and get the job done right. This is exactly what we deliver with our pet waste removal service in Pflugerville.

A picture of professionalism

While picking up dog poop for a living might not sound like serious business, it is indeed something that our team takes seriously. We know that our Pflugerville pet waste removal service not only keeps your lawn or property looking great, but is also removes dangerous germs and bacteria.

When we conduct pet waste removal in Pflugerville TX, we are thorough and take great care in making sure we get it all. Plus, we disinfect and de-odorize the area to make sure you are left with a fresh, clean property.

All of our crewmembers wear company-issued uniforms, so you know exactly who is walking up to your home or business. Plus, we offer a variety of frequency schedules and always show up on time for your service. We can even go to work if you are not home — we will lock up and leave written confirmation after we leave.

Dog waste removal is a dirty job, but we love it. We are confident that you will see the passion in our Pflugerville pet waste removal service. Schedule your service.