Round Rock Poop Scooping Service

Dog poop only stops acting as a hazard to your property when it is completely removed, and that’s something we can offer you as a leading Round Rock poop scooping service company. Here at Scoop Soldiers, we provide a thorough service that can be applied to both residential and commercial properties.

Our Round Rock scooping company knows the importance of removing all traces of the waste, which is why our service includes:

  • Sweeping your entire property to locate all piles — even those that might have been laid stealthily in flowerbeds, garden areas, landscaping and more.
  • The men and women of our poop scooping service company in Round Rock have tools to remove the entire pile. Some piles can be difficult to pick up — maybe the weather has been wet or the waste is just really messy. We still manage to get it all.
  • With our poop scooping in Round Rock TX, we also have measures we can take to kill the germs and bacteria left behind, in addition to treating the air for the foul, lingering smell.
  • The waste is then hauled off and our Round Rock poop scooping service company provides offsite disposal for no extra charge.

With this service, you are effectively able to keep all the problems signs of pet waste off of your property. Dog poop attracts pests, contains dangerous bacteria and can kill your lawn — Scoop Soldiers provides weekly, bi-weekly and one-time service to make sure it doesn’t have the chance to.

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