Scoop Soldiers takes a serious, thoughtful approach to Round Rock TX pet waste removal. We vow to work hard in order to keep your lawn or property clean and clear of those mounds of dog waste that can quickly pile up.

Our experienced team offers Round Rock dog poop clean up for both residential and commercial clients. We offer frequency schedules that cater to just about every client need imaginable.

Delivering thorough service

Scoop Soldiers always goes the extra mile when it comes to pet waste removal in Round Rock TX. On the surface, our service might seem simple — all we do is pick up piles of dog poop, right?

This is part of it, but we do so much more in order to protect you, your family, your lawn and your pets. This includes:

  • Removal and disposal: Not only do we offer Round Rock TX pet waste removal that covers every square inch of your lawn or property, but we dispose of the waste off site so that you don’t have to deal with it at all.
  • Disinfecting: Did you know, even after the waste is long gone, that bacteria and germs can still linger? As a trusted Round Rock dog pooper scooper, we make sure to disinfect areas of your lawn so that these germs do not affect you or your pets.
  • De-odorize: Part of our Round Rock dog poop clean up includes freshening up the air around your property. Dog poop can leave behind a major stink. You can’t consider your property clean until you address this nasty smell.

We will save you time and energy

Say goodbye to poo-poo pick-up duty. Scoop Soldiers is here to do it for you. Plus, our Round Rock TX pet waste removal is completely affordable. We are confident that you will notice the major return on your investment. Call in the troops right now!