San Marcos Dog Waste Pick Up

Many dog owners and property managers opt not to hire a San Marcos dog waste pick up service and ignore lingering dog poop all together. At Scoop Soldiers, we have news for you: dog waste does not go away on its own.

Often, we hear people claim that, with time, dog poop will wash away on its own. While the actual pile of waste might disappear with time, the smell, germs and bacteria simply do not. They will stay on your lawn, posing both a health and environmental hazard. This is why you should consider dog poop disposal in San Marcos TX from Scoop Soldiers.

Addressing the hidden hazards of dog waste

No one wants to stare at large mounds of dog poop on their lawns. However, many fail to consider the hidden toll that dog waste is taking on their lawn, pets and even family.

Pet waste is full of bacteria — enough of it could even deem certain bodies of water contaminated. Hiring Scoop Soldiers for San Marcos dog waste pick up will ensure that waste does not pollute the environment or get other pets sick.

A reliable solution to a legitimate problem

Scoop Soldiers offers dog waste pick up in San Marcos that will visit your home or property as many as three times a week in order to keep up on this chore. We also provide weekly or bi-weekly service — whatever your situation requires.

Upon each visit, our insured staff will complete a thorough job to make sure the waste and its bacteria and smell, are long gone. Our dog poop disposal in San Marcos TX is effective and just what you need to freshen up your property.

We invite you to see how affordable our San Marcos dog waste pick up truly is. Simply fill out a request for a free quote right now.