San Marcos Poop Scooping

Keeping your lawn looking nice, even when you have dogs running around all day, can be easy with the help of a San Marcos residential poop scooping company. Scoop Soldiers works with local residents to help keep dog waste off of their property all year round.

As a trusted dog waste scooping company in San Marcos, we work hard to deliver superior service for the lowest price possible. We invite you to explore our variety of service schedules to see which one might fit your needs.

Locally-owned and operated

At Scoop Soldiers, our residential poop scooping company in San Marcos does business the right way — giving you the personalized service that you need and deserve.

  • All members of our staff are dog lovers themselves. They either own dogs or enjoy being around them. You can even keep your pooches out in the yard while we work.
  • We do not outsource our work to contractors. When you schedule your service, one of the friendly faces from our San Marcos residential poop scooping company will visit your home.
  • Our dog waste scooping company in San Marcos employs technicians that are insured and bonded, so that they do not serve as a liability while they are working on your property.

Upon each visit from one of our scoopers, our team will work to remove and dispose of all dog waste, while sterilizing the area for any lingering bacteria and also taking measures to get rid of the foul smell. You are left with a fresh, clean lawn. When your dog dirties it up again, we are ready to spring into action once again.

Picking up dog poop is probably one of the most unsavory chores around your house. Thanks to our San Marcos residential poop scooping company, you will never have to give it another thought.