San Marcos Pooper Scooper

You might be surprised at all the advantages that come with something as seemingly trivial as San Marcos pooper scooper services. Picking up waste left behind by dogs can have an impact that is a lot greater than simply keeping your property looking nice.

Protect your pets

A pooper scooper company in San Marcos TX doesn’t just remove mounds of dog poop. They also get rid of the germs and bacteria that come along with waste. Scoop Soldiers is meticulous about, not only removing the waste, but also sanitizing your property so your pets are not exposed to this bacteria.

After all, diseases are very easily passed from dog to dog through feces. Our pooper scooper services in San Marcos TX protects them from this common hazard.

Protect the environment

At Scoop Soldiers, our San Marcos pooper scooper services even protect the local environment. Studies have shown that the bacteria in dog poop, when in high enough quantities, can be a serious hazard to the environment.

The bacteria can invade the soil and run-off from rain water can introduce it to local water sources. Through the diligent services from our pooper scooper company in San Marcos TX, you can do your part to keep the environment safe in your local community.

Protect your lawn

Keeping dog waste off of your lawn will also protect your yard. Dog poop can kill grass and make your lawn uneven and unhealthy. At Scoop Soldiers, we fight the good fight to keep pet waste away and can even make necessary repairs to your lawn when needed.

Protecting your pets, environment and lawn with one single, affordably priced service seems logical, right? Scoop Soldiers delivers tremendous value for your little bit of money and you will quickly see why so many residents and businesses rely on our San Marcos pooper scooper services.