Shady Hollow Pet Waste Removal

When you have finally thrown up the white flag on trying to keep up with the stinky presents your dog leaves behind in the yard, then it’s time to turn to an experienced and trustworthy Shady Hollow pet waste removal service.

At Scoop Soldiers, we work with residential and commercial clients, taking care of the business that they don’t want to deal with: dog poop. Our pet waste removal in Shady Hollow TX provides thorough work that cleans and sanitizes your property upon every visit.

The importance of keeping dog waste off your property

If you invented a way for dogs to use the toilet, then you would become an instant billionaire. In the meantime, dogs will be using the great outdoors as their bathroom, and our pet waste removal service in Shady Hollow will clean up after them.

There are so many reasons to get pet waste off of your property — and get it off quickly.

  • Germs and bacteria: Our Shady Hollow pet waste removal service is of huge benefit to both dogs and people alike. Dog poop is basically just a haven for germs and bacteria. If you accidentally come into contact with poop, then you also come into contact with the bacteria.
  • Smell: Have you ever been on, or around, a property that is full of dog poop? One whiff and you can tell that it is not sanitary. Our pet waste removal in Shady Hollow TX doesn’t allow it to reach that point. Even if it does, we take measures to destroy the odor that might be lingering behind.
  • Harmful to your lawn: If you value the look of your lawn, then you will want to get rid of pet waste immediately. The chemicals in dog poop can kill your grass and leave your lawn a mess.

As you can see, dog poop is not something you want to live with. Get rid of it! Scoop Soldiers and our Shady Hollow pet waste removal service can make it happen.