Shady Hollow Pooper Scooper

Scoop Soldiers delivers quality Shady Hollow TX pooper scooper services that will save you time, energy and the headache of having to pick up whatever your dog leaves behind when they go to the bathroom. Our team promises to leave you with a clean, safe environment that is friendly for both pets and humans alike.

About our service

Back in 2010, our pooper scooper company in Shady Hollow TX opened its doors. We noticed that so many homeowners and commercial property managers loved the idea of having dogs on their property, but it made for a lot of extra work. Plus, picking up dog poop is not exactly a desirable chore.

Our pooper scooper services in Shady Hollow TX does the work for you, and for an affordable price. By getting rid of pet waste, your property will be:

  • Clean
  • Free of excess germs and bacteria
  • Fresh
  • Pristine
  • Healthy
  • Green

Dog waste is a major hazard for your lawn — capable of killing grass and leaving your property looking beat-up and gross. It also carries a bunch of germs and bacteria, which can pose a health hazard to your pets and loved ones.

Our Shady Hollow TX pooper scooper services addresses this major problem, and does so in a reliable fashion. You can schedule ongoing service and receive a visit from our pooper scooper company in Shady Hollow TX on a weekly basis. This lets us stay ahead of your dogs and ensure that your property stays clean and fresh.

This is not a problem you can ignore. Leaving pet waste where it is will only create a larger problem down the road. So, use our Shady Hollow TX pooper scooper services to stay up on this important chore. Our team is standing by to talk to you.