Wells Branch Pet Waste Removal

Welcome to Scoop Soldiers, a Wells Branch pet waste removal service that specializes in working with both residential and commercial clients. Our locally owned small business fills an important need within the community by helping dog owners and property managers achieve a safe, sanitary and aesthetically-pleasing property.

Our pet waste removal in Wells Branch TX can be scheduled on an ongoing basis, or you can call in our technicians for a one-time job. Upon each visit, we take slow, methodical steps to find, remove and dispose of dog waste. We sanitize your property and work to eliminate any odor that might be present.

Why work with Scoop Soldiers?

  • Our staff is comprised of trained and skilled men and women who are fully insured, so they are not a liability while working on your property.
  • Scoop Soldiers is environmentally conscious, and it shows through our pet waste removal service in Wells Branch. Our job is to eliminate a major environmental hazard — not create a new one.
  • We are proud to be locally owned and operated. With so many big franchises offering Wells Branch pet waste removal service, we want to offer a personal level of service from a company that was born and bred in this area.
  • Scoop Soldiers has a commitment to excellence and it shows in our pet waste removal in Wells Branch TX. We back all of our services up with a satisfaction guarantee, so you never have to risk being stuck with a lackluster finished product.

Your pets will thank you

Keeping up on dog poop pick-up duty might help your property look better, but it has even more drastic benefits for pets. The germs and bacteria in dog feces can pass around diseases. By keeping waste off of your property with our Wells Branch pet waste removal service, we are protecting your pooches from a major hazard!