West Lake Hills Pet Waste Removal

Scoop Soldiers is the premier West Lake Hills pet waste service. Available to assist our clients every day of the week — all year round — we are ready to clear your lawn or property of nasty and hazardous pet waste.

Below is just a glimpse of what you get when you turn to Scoop Soldiers for pet waste removal in West Lake Hills.

  • Attentive, experienced staff: At Scoop Soldiers, our staff is in-tune with your needs and addresses them effectively. If you have a question about your pet waste service in West Lake Hills, then we have an answer. If you can’t reach us right away, we will get back to you within 24 hours to make sure your needs are being met.
  • Thorough, sanitary service: There are two important objectives to keep in mind while administering West Lake Hills pet waste service. First, each and every pile must be removed. Leaving behind piles of poop will keep germs and bacteria on your property. Secondly, we practice sanitary methods, from sterilizing our equipment before we arrive to disposing of waste offsite.
  • Flexible scheduling and affordable rates: Our pet waste removal in West Lake Hills does not come with a daunting price tag. Plus, we don’t make you sign any form of long-term contract or enter into an obligation. You can schedule your service as you see fit, and alter it as you go along.

Your dog’s favorite pet waste removal service in West Lake Hills

We’re of benefit to both humans and pets. You no longer have to do this thankless job yourself and your pets don’t have to wallow in their own filth day in and day out.

Scoop Soldiers and our West Lake Hills pet waste service has garnered a strong reputation in this local community. We hope you will give us a chance to clean up your lawn or property!