Best Ways to Introduce Your Resident Dog to Your New Pup

Imagine you’ve made the decision to add another pup to your pack, and today’s the day you bring him home. Have you thought about how you’re going to introduce your resident dog to your new pup? The approach you take will impact both your dogs’ long-term relationships and overall comfort in your home. Before you make the leap to adopt another fur baby, make sure you’re prepared with our best ways to introduce your current dog to a new puppy.

1. First impressions are best when both dogs are tired.

It’s always a best practice to make sure both your resident dog and your new pup are tired when first introducing them. If both pups are full of energy, this could exacerbate any aggression, anxiety, fear or territorial outbursts. According to Preventative Vet, taking both dogs for separate walks before introduction could help keep them in a more relaxed, calm state.

2. Use a leash for your resident dog, even when introducing indoors.

Chances are high that your new pup isn’t comfortable on a leash and may be “leash reactive” due to his lack of training. However, it’s always best to use a leash on your resident dog during first introductions with your new pup. That way, you’ll be able to quickly react and isolate your resident dog if he shows any negative behaviors toward your smaller fur baby.

3. Keep dogs separated while you are away until they are bonded.

If you prefer to crate your dogs while you’re out of the house, you should always use separate crates in order to isolate your resident dog from your new pup. If you prefer to let your resident dog roam freely throughout the home while you’re away, make sure your new pup is boarded in a room of his own, safely separated from your resident dog. This will not only prevent them from fighting over territorial boundaries while you’re away, but it will also likely help the dogs acclimate to each other and build a stronger bond. 

Always remember, after you add another pup to your home, you’ll be on double duty when cleaning up doggy landmines in the yard. Call us at (877) 930-POOP to schedule your first pet waste removal service for free if you live in the Denver, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Phoenix or Atlanta metro areas.

We hope your resident dog and your new pup grow to love each other like fur siblings!

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