Addison TX Pet Waste Clean Up

When you want only the best Addison TX pet waste clean up service for your money, Scoop Soldiers USA is the service for you. With our professional technicians, speedy service and thorough cleanup, we are an Addison TX pooper scooper company that easily out-does the competition.

Why clean?

We come across people every day who don’t understand the importance of cleaning up dog waste frequently. Here are some common excuses we hear:

  • “It just washes away doesn’t it?”: Yes and no. The pile may seem to disappear with the rain but two problems still remain. If you don’t quickly perform your pet waste clean up in Addison TX, many of the harmful bacteria and parasites will still remain in the soil after the pile is gone. These can infect children and adults that dig in, or come in contact with, the soil. Additionally, the portions of the pile that do wash away will contaminate local water sources.
  • “It’s good for my lawn.”: The technicians at our pooper scooper company in Addison TX will agree that this couldn’t be further from the truth. Dog waste is not the same as other wastes that make up fertilizer. Instead, it effectively “burns” the lawn, leaving unsightly spots.
  • “It’s just dog poop, what’s the big deal?”: The truth is, dog feces carries a plethora of diseases, including round worm, hook worm, pin worm, E. coli and more. Fido’s paws aren’t as clean as you may think, and when you don’t perform regular Addison TX pet waste clean up, a dog can track feces throughout your home. Children in particular are especially susceptible to infection.

It really isn’t difficult to hire a professional Addison TX pooper scooper company. Simply call our office and give us a little information about your needs.

We’ll quote you a price and put you on the schedule for our Addison TX pet waste clean up.  You may be surprised by how affordable our service actually is.